Why Was Singapore Chosen To Host The Summit?

The Trump-Kim summit is the first between a sitting U.S. president and a North Korean leader. But how did it come to be held in Singapore? In the weeks leading up to the meeting, several locations were considered: the Korean Demilitarized Zone, or DMZ, the border barrier that separates North and South Korea; Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia; Geneva, Switzerland; and Stockholm, Sweden. However, it was Singapore, a city-state of five million people at the tip of the Malaysian peninsula, that quickly...

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Enjoy the Many Summer Activities in Cape Girardeau!

There is no time to waste when summer comes! Everyone is throwing a party. There are food festivals, beer festivals, ethnic festivals and outdoor art fairs. The River Campus Summer Arts Festival in downtown Cape Girardeau is a free community festival and you are invited! Activities will include live music, dance, theatrical performances, magic, visual arts displays and hands on family friendly art expression activities. The museum is open and musical instruments are on display. There will...

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Summer Arts Festival is This Weekend

28 minutes ago
Southeast Missouri State University

Last week, we heard all about the Summer Arts Festival, but since it’s this weekend, we feel it bears repeating!

Where can you learn stage combat, do some artistic competition, listen to great music, and take in a show? You guessed it, the River Campus Summer Arts Festival. This year’s festival is no different with fun for the whole family and art enthusiasts alike. Rhonda Weller-Stilson runs down some of the activities available this weekend—all for free! 

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On the eve of her father's meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, Ivanka Trump seemed to be calling on her inner Yoda as she tweeted:

"Those who say it can not be done, should not interrupt those doing it."

-Chinese Proverb

Neat quote. But it was the first daughter's attribution to "Chinese Proverb" that sent social media sites into overdrive in China, where people scrambled to find who, among their ancestors, actually said this.

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Left Of The Dial #617 - Engine Fly

This week on Left of the Dial, KRCU’s independent music program, we hear from Khruangbin, a Houston trio who are influenced by the sounds of ‘60’s-era Thai funk music. Plus new music from Neko Case, and Kamasi Washington composes a jazz tune about what the video game Street Fighter means to him. Left Of The Dial airs Friday nights from 9-11pm and Saturdays from noon-2 on KRCU. Thanks, Pete!

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Focus on Southeast

You can watch the latest edition of the program featuring Dr. Vargas on our YouTube Channel.

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'I Could Never Fake It': Nick Offerman On Striving For Nonchalance

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SrLZgP-OR6s Nick Offerman has made a career out of playing colorful cranks — most notably, Ron Swanson, the hyper-masculine boss on the NBC comedy series Parks and Recreation. But now, in the new film, Hearts Beat Loud, Offerman has a chance to play a more nuanced character — one he calls a "fully fleshed-out human being." Offerman plays a middle-age single dad who owns a struggling record store and wants to start a band with his teenage daughter, played by...

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